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Personality profiling tools

Personality Profiling Tools

What do I want to be when I grow up? Most adults are still asking themselves this, even when they are well into their working lives. Often people find- once they have landed their "dream job"- that in reality they may not be well suited to or may not actually enjoy it!

Picture your dream job. You may be interested in a position as a bartender. You know a lot about cocktails, and have great flair bartending skills; but is that enough? Have you really thought about what this job entails? Does your personality suit the job? Are you prepared to make small talk with customers day in and day out? Do you have the head for the numbers required for stocktaking and inventory management?  

Before you can decide what your ideal job is you need to understand your preferences, not just in terms of salary and job title, but also in terms of how much responsibility you are prepared to handle, what level of interaction you wish to have with colleagues and clients, etc.

There are many services online that conduct personality tests and produce reports on your preferences and possible career paths, for a fee. However, many of these sites do also provide a basic personality test free-of-charge, which can give you a lot of information on the nature or work you may enjoy doing, based on your traits and preferences.